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File: 1683661143945.jpg–(186.19KB, 1520x1080, IMG_3271.jpg)
No.73 Stickied  [Reply]
Hey pretty people. There is going to be yet another new site rework in probably two months or so. Just a heads up. This time all of the code will be written by hand without having to rely on anyone else's work. We will be going back to a text only discussion forum. If you have been following this project long enough, then you'd know we've flip flopped around relentlessly. Maintaining forum software is pure bollocks. Suffice to say, that is just the nature of the ECHOBUBBLE. I've taken alot of inspiration from other internet buddies of mine and from various textboards that have been floating around lately. Especially one that went by the name of ratwires.space which was unfortunately shutdown just last year.

This new change will be the final rendition of ECHOBUBBLE. No really. XD. We have always intended to go back to being a text-based 2-ch esque look-a-like for many reasons. There is a huge yearning for retvrning back to the days of web 1.0 obscurity. This is a growing trend of moving back to the early 2000s atmospheric cyberspaces. The engine will be FOSS licensed in gplv3. I won't be using javascript. I do not want to. At least not intentionally. The backend will be simple...

Okay peace. See you on the other side, soon.

File: 1685113044013.jpg–(98.66KB, 601x800, 6b3088f8.jpg)
No.87  [Reply]
cry harder.
¨ No.89
1685214517648.jpg–(31.92KB, 460x665, 26e08c3f.jpg)
aight thats it im pulling the plug

File: 1685046630869.jpg–(58.99KB, 640x640, jarty rat.jpg)
No.85  [Reply]
>Turtles are cool

No.84  [Reply]
jakparty.soy won

File: 1684340673483.jpg–(83.61KB, 512x306, IMG_0102.jpeg)
No.76  [Reply]
Turtles are cool
¨ No.82
1684642379697.jpg–(68.52KB, 748x944, 99a7c840.jpg)
indeed they are....
¨ No.83
Tortoises too

File: 1684341325842.jpg–(41.44KB, 480x240, IMG_0103.jpeg)
No.77  [Reply]
Sit in grass and eat fruit. comfy shell. 150+ years of max comfy.
¨ No.81
1684642282291.jpg–(89.67KB, 1125x1125, 43217729.jpg)
very comfy. cozy cozy cozy..

No.78  [Reply]

No.75  [Reply]
an unmarked pauper's grave
a sinner and a saint
now crowned in silent majesty
among the great unsung

the kindness of his hand
enshrined hour glass sand
drowning the stars still dazzling
and fading in the morn

it was an honor
it was a pleasure
it was a glory
it was my treasure
it was the purpose
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No.74  [Reply]

File: 1682822347047.png–(347.22KB, 1280x720, i_cant_take_it_anymore.png)
No.69  [Reply]
I am unable to sleep due to the intense workload I have to endure every single day. Unironically starting to hallucinate the girl I like talking to me in a flirtatious manner which I don't mind at all but this keeps happening during my work hours and it's really distracting.

Any other anons feel the same sometimes?
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¨ No.71
>Perhaps eat some sugar and salt to calm down the adrenals.
Im gonna start with this.
¨ No.72
try cutting back dramatically on sugars and starches. helps with stress. do you caffeine? I will pray for you.

No.67  [Reply]
Guys my name is Jamie Slater, I live in Bradford, help me with a crypto NFT project samurai!!
¨ No.68
1682428371452.gif–(713.30KB, 1250x1666, anon_parties.gif)
Okay. I'm all ears. Lay it out.

No.63  [Reply]
What's the deal with echobubble being so darn... civil and warm feeling? Typically if some one is feigning a good character, weakness, needing assistance- that glows too hard to me... this seems, what is it, downright humble? This is nice.

Most people see anonymity as an excuse to act with impunity, but when I act with impunity- it is mostly just through universal friendship and psychoacoustic military mass psychology neuropoliticking. We need the grateful dead.

Why are some anons so good, bros?
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¨ No.65  >>66
This is self-hosted? Is there any need for donations for upkeep?
¨ No.66
Yes and yes. :)

File: 1673885042033.jpg–(97.86KB, 1080x1069, fe634e87.jpg)
No.1  [Reply]
Site is back up. Bigger and badder database software has now been implemented. A few other tweaks too.
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¨ No.47  >>62
this cat is an angel with a special one of pizza halo. it's actually a highly desirable item, but most of us just appreciate that he doesn't know how to de-equip it anymore. Hell, I can't tell if it's a joke or not anymore, but he gets treated with well deserved respect.
¨ No.62
He's a critter who has seen the glory days of renown men. Some could say the brutality of war is what turned his country into a playground for his feline friends.

File: 1681174924057.png–(48.90KB, 1191x741, Untitled95_20230410180752.png)
No.54  [Reply]
Evil ChatGPT
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¨ No.60
chatgpt4all has an unregulated LLama. I guess the discussions of 4th gen warfare psyops acoustic war discussion purple alligator
¨ No.61
I dont know how but I just know for a fact this all ties in with mr beast being the antichrist.

File: 1681386240447.png–(4.00KB, 279x180, 1.png)
No.57  [Reply]
https://ourworldoftext.com is a fun website if you're bored. enjoy ;)
¨ No.58
Marvelous :O
¨ No.59
God bless you, kind sir.

File: 1681081104695.jpg–(191.49KB, 996x1678, 01-21-2014_poop-chart-v4.jpeg)
No.52  [Reply]
Whats your favorite poop to poop?
¨ No.53  >>56
I only poop the poop of philosophers. Men destined for greatness.

Type 7.
¨ No.56
I'm more of a type 1 guy. I like when the clumps of corn rip my asshole apart.

No.48  [Reply]
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¨ No.50
it's these quiet times together that mean so much to me.
¨ No.51
let us cherish it.

File: 1674008526290.jpg–(61.59KB, 585x880, MTg5MDA2OQ.jpg)
No.14  [Reply]
You know what time it is.
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¨ No.44
1679508541850.jpg–(172.38KB, 1280x854, 85d9e196.jpg)

¨ No.45
1679583981228.jpg–(29.23KB, 720x595, 1677781696448-0.jpg)

No.40  [Reply]
i now live here
you must pay me rent
you must pay me taxes
you must worship my God
you must plow my fields around

I am the suzerain
you are my vassals
¨ No.41
1679109781921.png–(886.88KB, 1065x1078, 0173f298811d78c7.png)

¨ No.42
1679501320939.jpg–(40.05KB, 680x680, 1679473137877053.jpg)


File: 1678466537374.jpg–(87.51KB, 720x960, 1677939419935950.jpg)
No.38  [Reply]
¨ No.39
1678466768850.jpg–(53.64KB, 567x549, 1677860690912664.jpg)

No.33  [Reply]
When will I find my Queen.
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¨ No.35
1676849742327.jpg–(144.18KB, 1080x810, 1676842659192-0.jpg)

¨ No.37
1678386504485.png–(549.49KB, 614x456, 1677939044266643.png)
Its like i know what you mean..

File: 1674697380672.jpg–(1.11MB, 1280x1687, 343242.jpg)
No.21  [Reply]
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¨ No.31
1676475108770.jpg–(26.66KB, 653x653, ef4a2725fbc0d27ff32740a963a54c95.jpg)
¨ No.32
1676513274121.jpg–(61.40KB, 545x545, 1652358803965.jpg)
>machine translation
man wish I knew ruskie
>end of the world will start in 2012 and finish in 2014

No.29  [Reply]
¨ No.30
1676474760188.png–(74.27KB, 450x489, 1676463348940557.png)

Embed: Iambic Seahorses (Groovy Mix)–(YouTube)
No.23  [Reply]
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¨ No.25
chris††† : 7年后–(YouTube)

¨ No.26

File: 1673892731849.jpg–(288.10KB, 1000x1000, 1673010856811629.jpg)
No.6  [Reply]  >>8, >>12
Post what you believe in.
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¨ No.13
Arabic Orthodox Chant احمدوا الرب–(YouTube)
¨ No.22
i believe in Jesus Christ.

File: 1674697046141.jpg–(55.21KB, 551x434, 1665250962080.jpg)
No.17  [Reply]
1947-1949: Intervening in the Greek civil war
1947-1970: Meddling in Italy's elections and supporting anti-communism activities
1945-1949: Intervening in China’s civil war and establishing Taiwan
1948: Supporting anti-government forces in Costa Rica's civil war
1949-1953: Supporting anti-communism activities in Albania
1949: Staging a coup in Syria ( CIA's first coup)
1952: Intervening in the Egyptian Revolution of 1952
1953: Orchestrated a coup in Iran and overthrew the democratically elected leader
1954: Invaded Guatemala and installed a puppet
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
¨ No.19  >>20
1966-1969: Creating conflicts in the Korean demilitarized zone
1966-1967: Supporting an insurgency in Bolivia
1967: Intervening in the change of the Greek government
1967-1975: Intervening in Cambodia's civil war
1970: Meddling in Oman's domestic affairs
1970-1973: Aided a military coup in Chile (overthrew democratically elected and popular leader, Salvador Allende)
1970-1973: Orchestrating a coup in Cambodia
1971: Supporting a coup in Bolivia
1972-1975: Assisting anti-government forces in Iraq
1976: Supporting a coup in Argentina
1976-1992: Intervening in Angola's domestic affairs
1977-1988: Supporting a coup in Pakistan
1979-1993: Supporting anti-government forces in Cambodia
1979-1989: Arming, funding, training the Mujahedin in Afghanistan. This led to Al Qaeda and the largest network of Islamic terrorist groups in the world.
Post truncated. Click Reply to view.
¨ No.20
1992-1995: Intervening in Somalia's civil war for the first time
1992-1995: Intervening in the Bosnian War, actively leading towards the breakup of Yugoslavia
1996: Supporting a coup in Iraq
1997: Sending troops to Albania, training Albanian "resistance fighters" to combat the Serbs
2003: Orchestrating color revolution in Georgia and installing a pro-US government
2004-now: Inciting wars between Pakistan and Afghanistan in their contiguous areas
2004: Orchestrating color revolution in Ukraine and installing a pro-US government
2006-2007: Supporting Fatah, a Palestinian political and military organization, in overthrowing the elected government of Hamas
2009: Supporting a coup in Honduras
2011: Supporting anti-government forces in Libya
2011-present: Arming, funding, training jihadists, Al Qaeda, and "moderate rebels" in Syria. Occasionally bombing Syria. And occupying the oil-rich parts of Syria
2014: Orchestrating a color revolution in Ukraine and overthrowing the democratically elected leader (google "Victoria Nuland fuck the EU call" and "Katchanovski: The Snipers' Massacre on the Maidan")
2015-now: Arming, directing Saudi Arabia's participation in Yemen's civil war
2017-2019: Attempting regime change in Venezuela
Post truncated. Click Reply to view.

File: 1673892500127.png–(183.68KB, 640x360, kim_sexler_feet.png)
No.4  [Reply]
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¨ No.7
1673892749770.jpg–(36.02KB, 1200x700, kim_sexler_feet3.jpeg)

¨ No.11

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