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Embed: Iambic Seahorses (Groovy Mix)–(YouTube)
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Where it's dark as a dungeon and damp as the dew,
Where the dangers are many and the pleasures are few,
Where the rain never falls and the sun never shines,
It's dark as a dungeon way down in the mines.
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chris††† : 7年后–(YouTube)

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Post what you believe in.
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Arabic Orthodox Chant احمدوا الرب–(YouTube)
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i believe in Jesus Christ.

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File: 1674697046141.jpg–(55.21KB, 551x434, 1665250962080.jpg)
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1947-1949: Intervening in the Greek civil war
1947-1970: Meddling in Italy's elections and supporting anti-communism activities
1945-1949: Intervening in China’s civil war and establishing Taiwan
1948: Supporting anti-government forces in Costa Rica's civil war
1949-1953: Supporting anti-communism activities in Albania
1949: Staging a coup in Syria ( CIA's first coup)
1952: Intervening in the Egyptian Revolution of 1952
1953: Orchestrated a coup in Iran and overthrew the democratically elected leader
1954: Invaded Guatemala and installed a puppet
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1966-1969: Creating conflicts in the Korean demilitarized zone
1966-1967: Supporting an insurgency in Bolivia
1967: Intervening in the change of the Greek government
1967-1975: Intervening in Cambodia's civil war
1970: Meddling in Oman's domestic affairs
1970-1973: Aided a military coup in Chile (overthrew democratically elected and popular leader, Salvador Allende)
1970-1973: Orchestrating a coup in Cambodia
1971: Supporting a coup in Bolivia
1972-1975: Assisting anti-government forces in Iraq
1976: Supporting a coup in Argentina
1976-1992: Intervening in Angola's domestic affairs
1977-1988: Supporting a coup in Pakistan
1979-1993: Supporting anti-government forces in Cambodia
1979-1989: Arming, funding, training the Mujahedin in Afghanistan. This led to Al Qaeda and the largest network of Islamic terrorist groups in the world.
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1992-1995: Intervening in Somalia's civil war for the first time
1992-1995: Intervening in the Bosnian War, actively leading towards the breakup of Yugoslavia
1996: Supporting a coup in Iraq
1997: Sending troops to Albania, training Albanian "resistance fighters" to combat the Serbs
2003: Orchestrating color revolution in Georgia and installing a pro-US government
2004-now: Inciting wars between Pakistan and Afghanistan in their contiguous areas
2004: Orchestrating color revolution in Ukraine and installing a pro-US government
2006-2007: Supporting Fatah, a Palestinian political and military organization, in overthrowing the elected government of Hamas
2009: Supporting a coup in Honduras
2011: Supporting anti-government forces in Libya
2011-present: Arming, funding, training jihadists, Al Qaeda, and "moderate rebels" in Syria. Occasionally bombing Syria. And occupying the oil-rich parts of Syria
2014: Orchestrating a color revolution in Ukraine and overthrowing the democratically elected leader (google "Victoria Nuland fuck the EU call" and "Katchanovski: The Snipers' Massacre on the Maidan")
2015-now: Arming, directing Saudi Arabia's participation in Yemen's civil war
2017-2019: Attempting regime change in Venezuela
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You know what time it is.
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1674008673662.jpg–(193.45KB, 1052x774, 4a4f24f3.jpg)

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1674157897662.jpg–(85.44KB, 649x640, gato.jpg)

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