"We're so back."


The ECHOBUBBLE is a shameless nod to various nipponic messageboard spaces of yesteryear.

We are currently running on a fork of an incredibly robust engine, customized and tweaked to near perfection.

Here's the rundown

Without a doubt, textboards are best served for those looking to convey a host of thoughts in raw form. Entirely over the wired. With this said, nothing is hindering the wandering cyber nomad from participating.

The poster is not subject to account registration. Registering only defeats the purpose of virtue over vanity.

There are many benefits to be had when deciding to host a textboard over an imageboard. For one thing, it is far harder for potential threat actors out in the wild derailing a perfectly-crafted, organic thread that is in strictly text form. The actor in question is quickly identified, ostracized and shunned on reasonable grounds.

Imageboards, although built upon with good intentions, harbors many of the aformentioned leprechauns of tomfoolery because of the added leeways.


You do realize this goes without saying ay?

Though the feature is baked directly into the engine, we try not to issue out IP bans. It's pointless most of the time trying to play this game of cat and mouse when your adversary is constantly switching from foxhole to foxhole with you being the hunter; i.e., proxy chaining.

User guide

Did someone strucked a nerve? Don't want to bump a gem thread for the normies to pollute? No problem. Sage. Sage. Nonoko. Sage.


Put Name#test into Name field and you'll get Name!.CzKQna1OU.


You can reference other posts in your message. They will be automatically hyperlinked.


Code syntax:

$truth = "PHP stays winning";
echo $truth;
$truth = "PHP stays winning";
echo $truth;

Hyperlinking and embeds are disabled completely.

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