On Archiving and Site Simplicity

Start archiving your sites people. Really. We all have that special place on the internet where we see ourselves going to time and time again. Well, imagine if that special place were to get taken down for god knows what? What then? Hope for the best and pray the owners bring it back up? Start taking control over what you wish to preserve for the future. It could be anything really. Anything from scientific articles to abandoned, old-school retro sites predating modern social media. The freedom is yours in what it is you want to keep in a digital safe. Learn about what link rot is and tell your frens.

Link rot!

Think of link rotting as radioactive decay. That is, for webpages. You see it affecting big name sites such as Wikipedia or in academia where researchers need readily available links to substantiate their findings.

Some tools to get you up and running:

Another thing I want to also add that ties into all of this is simplicity of websites. As Saint Terry once proclaimed, "An idiot admires complexity, a genius admires simplicity". Over at echobubble you won't ever see javascript being used extensively save for the site counter. I guess I would classify myself as an html/css purist. I despise web programming frankly and wish for the entire world to return to the basics. Most of the time, static webpages is ALL you will need to convey whatever idea that is up in that noggin of yours.

Alright I'm done here. Peace.

~ Abe ~