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File: 1663681786023.png–(541.34KB, 487x550, Untitled.png)
Look I understand my funding of paramilitary organizations that often kill union workers may seem like I'm trying to secure my capital interests but I assure you that if wasn't funding them I would be treating to murdering their entire families instead
¨ No.18
1663681855482.png–(912.15KB, 700x675, 12.png)
I'm oppressing people with my extreme wealth?, that's nonsense how exactly am I personally exploiting people when I pay people to do that for me
¨ No.19
1663682017010.png–(372.15KB, 441x351, 1222.png)
I beg to differ, your honor. I can assure you, I only used high-quality materials and it was crafted meticulously. To call it an "improvised" explosive device is an insult.
¨ No.24
1663683378678.jpg–(71.48KB, 1080x720, 053117-patrick-bateman-skincare-lead-9012d8fe0e9c4)
Certified W moment.

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