Anonymous: kk

Anonymous: brandon = braindead

Anonymous: nø im definitely remøving this renditiøn øf the ECHOBUBS øff the planet. new prøject is in the wørks. stay tuned buckøs.

braiden: youll be bored and loat wothout me

Anonymous: no yoù echonigger stop fronting.

Anonymous: weird ãss peôple

Anonymous: im deleteing this lainshit site off the planet soon.

Anonymous: child sluts wøn

Anonymous: for the lulz

Anonymous: Why does this place exist and why did I find it?

Anonymous: for the lulz

Anonymous: *AGAIN

Anonymous: why you lying....AGINA

i mutha fuckin donated: again

Anonymous: òn sòme real shit

Anonymous: If I had a gun I would know thè tastè of thè aluminium barrèl morè than I know thè tastè of food

Anonymous: wrong address perhaps?

Anonymous: i got NOTHING bro....

i mutha fuckin donated: i mutha fuckin donated

Anonymous: why you lying